Michael Skovdal Rathleff, MD, PhD

Autor: mediaval
event 13.05.2024.

Special guest under the patronage of the Kingdom of Denmark: prof. Michael Skovdal Rathleff, MD, PhD, Aalborg Universitets forskningsportal

Michael Skovdal Rathleff, a professor at the Department of Health Science and Technology and the Center for General Practice at Aalborg University, is one of the leading experts in the field of musculoskeletal health. His academic career is marked by prestigious titles and extensive education, including a medical doctorate from Aalborg University and a Ph.D. from Aarhus University.

His research in recent years has particularly focused on understanding patients’ expectations of the healthcare system, which is crucial for identifying and addressing the challenges that healthcare will face in the future. According to research results, some of the biggest challenges in today’s healthcare systems include an excessive number of patients and consultations relative to available time and staff, patients feeling lost during their treatment journey when transitioning between healthcare sectors, indicating a lack of well-coordinated treatment pathways, social inequality, where some patients receive too many examinations while others receive too few, and inadequate familiarity with the use of digital technologies.

When it comes to patients’ expectations of healthcare systems, the results show that the majority of patients want healthcare systems that will support their self-management during the treatment process (so they don’t have to rely as much on the healthcare system), which has great potential for relieving pressure on the system since chronic diseases are one of the most common reasons for its use. Additionally, patients want clearer communication from healthcare professionals and to be involved in treatment decisions.

Professor Rathleff utilizes his deep knowledge, experience, and insights from research in his lectures to illuminate the impact of inevitable changes on the healthcare system and the challenges that need to be addressed to ensure optimal care and patient satisfaction, thus contributing to shaping the future of healthcare. He will address all of these topics at this year’s HealthComm Forum conference.