HealthComm Forum Manifesto: Now is the time to create better solutions

Autor: mediaval
event 02.06.2023.

Technology has served us solutions we couldn’t imagine just five years ago. Science has helped us understand issues on macro and nano scales.

Science and technology combined have the power to transform the challenges of human life and existence into the stuff of fairytales. We are on the brink of life with much less suffering, with more safety and security, with more personalized approaches, tailored according to individual needs. This is the future the brave pioneers of science and technology envisioned, and that future that prevents first, while also providing cures, is already at our fingertips.

At the same time, pandemic challenges as well as advancements in communication industries have pushed population into distrust and caution. People have lost faith in science, but more importantly, people have lost trust. Our industry is constantly under attack: we are questioned more than any industry – although we are regulated and monitored more than any other industry.

It’s time to do something different. It’s time to communicate what we stand for, and to make changes in our tactics.

We stand for humanity. That means that we will continue to work on solutions and approaches that help people, wherever they are. That also means putting people front and focus, in curation and prevention both, and finding the right words that will help people realize we are their trusted allies, as we have always been.

We stand for innovation. That means that we will continue to use cutting edge science and technology to find new approaches and new solutions to any and all problems, no matter how persistent or new they may be. Right now we have at our disposal new tools and frameworks that are data-based and ready for automatization, and these tools will help us innovate healthcare approaches that are, for the first time in history, prevention-focused, with a clear goal of meeting people where they are. But that also means we will be cautious and responsible in our innovation, slowing down progress when needed – and we will find the right channels to communicate with public every step of the way.

We stand for humility. Our motive for choosing healthcare industries have always been generating solutions and helping people in their times of need. We are helpers, we are allies, but we can only do so much if there is trust and welcoming from the other side. So we will work to create channels and pathways to a better understanding and a more encompassing trust.

We stand for knowledge. We are confident in our ability to use existing knowledge and scientific breakthroughs, and we are confident in the system of checks and balances that sometimes slows us down, and makes us question everything. Right now, we need to question our communications’ approaches and solutions in light of new technological advances that help us make decisions that are evidence based, and data driven. Data is proving to be the most useful tool we have in making new accommodations, solutions, approaches and framework that help us build resilient, citizen-centric healthcare solutions. 

We stand for cooperation and openness. Most of the modern challenges can only be solved if different stakeholders unite their unique perspectives. We pledge to keep the lines of communication as open as possible. Open communication means that new perspectives will emerge, and the solutions we come up with will be more immersive, more inclusive and more democratic. We stand for an innovative approach to healthcare that connects all that is relevant for human health, from classical allies such as pharmaceutical industry and healthcare systems, to food and beverages, veterinary sciences, public policies, and everything that impacts human health in every shape and form.

We pledge to do better. We also pledge to communicate better. The first step in building a more trustworthy relationship is always a better communication. Our mission is to find new, more suitable ways of communicating.