Communication Excellence in Healthcare is Necessary for Building Trust-Based Relationships

Autor: mediaval
event 27.04.2023.

The first two days of June are reserved for sharing knowledge and skills and presenting the most important trends which can restore citizens’ trust in the healthcare system.

The Zagreb Mozaik event center will become a regional hub on June 1st and 2nd of this year, bringing together numerous domestic and foreign experts from the private and public healthcare and communications industries. This is the HealthComm Forum, the first regional conference that connects these two fields, and this year’s program is focused on restoring citizens’ trust in the healthcare system. Forum visitors will have the opportunity to learn from the best communication experts and from practices that, by combining innovations in communication with the latest trends in healthcare, can significantly influence the return of trust in the healthcare system.

After almost three years of the pandemic, which have exposed the healthcare sector and relationships within and outside of it to the public like never before, conference organizers and partners believe that there is no going back to the pre-pandemic period. In addition, they agree that developing communication excellence in this sector is the only correct direction that can affect the re-establishment of cooperation between all stakeholders – based on trust and acting for the benefit of citizens.

One of the speakers at the conference is Heli Ruotsalainen, Chief Business Development Officer for the Dentsu marketing agency in Central and Eastern Europe, who will be speaking about the future of communications in the healthcare industry, with a focus on data and monitoring all indicators that are becoming increasingly important to track and consider. “Advanced technology will change the way we talk about health in 2030 and introduce exoskeletons, wearable technology, and continuous health monitoring into our daily lives. As sci-fi as it may sound, it is already becoming part of our lives today and if we embrace such innovations, it will greatly improve the quality of health, improve communication between all involved in the system, and thus restore trust in the sector,” said Ruotsalainen on the occasion of her arrival at HealthComm Forum, emphasizing her interest in citizens’ reactions, awareness, and readiness for the innovations that are at our doorstep.

Supported by renowned domestic and foreign healthcare experts who will lead the program, the conference is also supported by all relevant domestic professional associations, including the Coalition of Health Associations, an organization that seeks to improve the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals through its activities. This relationship is often endangered due to insufficiently transparent communication, which was noted by the Coalition’s President, Ivica Belina: ‘Communication at the patient-healthcare professional level, or in any encounter between citizens and the healthcare system, is one of the most important elements. Trust and cooperation are built based on of quality communication, which encourages an active role for patients in their treatment, as well as in the healthcare system.’ Belina emphasized that the patient is the most important partner to every doctor in achieving the best treatment outcomes.

As part of the two-day program, the challenge of restoring trust in the healthcare sector and ways to do so will be discussed through four thematic areas. Renowned experts will open each area with their presentations. Dr. Dejan Verčič, head of the Center for Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Ljubljana, will open the area on communication skills that can be an excellent tool for the healthcare system and companies. Dr. Matt Carter, founder and director of the British company Message House, will talk about the importance of purpose and brand messages in the industry. Arthur Olesch, a German journalist and founder of the platform, will discuss the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare development, while Marius Geantă, President and Co-founder of the Center for Innovation in Bucharest, will share his knowledge on citizen-centered healthcare. After their introductory lectures, a series of panel discussions will follow, with representatives from relevant professional associations, institutions, and successful companies who can influence the empowerment of the healthcare system through communication knowledge.

The HealthComm Forum 2023 will be organized by Val Group agency in partnership with HealthHub platform and with the support of the entire healthcare and communications industry, as well as professional associations in the field of healthcare and communications.

For more details about the conference program and how to secure your spot, please visit the official HealthComm Forum website.